Pieter De Praetere & Thomas Langlois


Pieter De Praetere and Thomas Langlois are crazy about Ghent and the baroque. As proud denizens of the Artevelde city, they play music that softens the soul. Baroque masterpieces are expertly handled and wonderfully transposed to the setting of Whispering Leaves. A voice, a lute, nothing more. From some beautiful songs by Henry Purcell and John Dowland to indestructible arias from Handel and Vivaldi. A highlight to look forward to is undoubtedly Handel’s best-known and immersive aria Ombra mai fu, which this dynamic duo performs in a soothing version.

Pieter De Praetere: website | facebook | instagram | spotify 
Thomas Langlois: website | facebook | instagram | spotify | youtube

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