Pieter Embrechts, Sam Vloemans & Trui Amerlinck


To say that versatile actor Pieter Embrechts also has musical talent is an understatement. The amiable, deep voice of this 21st-century Borgerhout troubadour resonates across the cobblestones of Ghent city centre. He brings new songs which form the basis of a new album. It will come as no surprise that Pieter Embrechts, flanked by none other than multi-instrumentalist Sam Vloemans and bassist Trui Amerlinck, is a generous performer who is genuinely grateful to his audience and musical companions, and it shows. Personal, intimate and with a big wow factor. 

Pieter Embrechts: website | facebook | instagram | spotify | youtube
Sam Vloemans: facebook | instagram | spotify | youtube
Trui Amerlinck: website | facebook | instagram | spotify 

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